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Because of the amazing work of the CALIFORNIA CONSERVATION CORPS, the support and guidance of our local California Department of Parks and Recreation officials, and substantial donations and volunteer work from Friends of China Camp supporters, Shoreline Trail now has a state-of-the-art trail bed, and beautiful rock walls and steps at the viewpoints. Thank you all!
Project Overview August 26, 2014
Marin IJ article July 29, 2014
Marin IJ article January 27, 2015

VOLUNTEER CREWS are building on the work of the California Conservation Corps to rehabilitate short sections of trail, usually for a 2-3 day period once a month. We invite those who are strong of back and generous of spirit to join us on our work days. Sign up at the California State Parks Foundation website.
Trench Warfare November 7, 2014
Volunteer Trail Overview May 8, 2015