New map highlights California's early Chinese history

Learn more about China Camp and other locations with the Locke Foundation's interactive tool

When you think about how hard early Chinese immigrants worked when they flocked to California during the Gold Rush, it’s enough to make you sit down and take a nap. These industrious immigrants helped build railroads (by hand), mine ore, construct levees, and do the myriad tasks and trades it took to create a thriving Golden State. 

Now you can discover key sites in Northern and Central California where Chinese settlers had a significant historical presence. Friends of China Camp and other groups that manage Chinese heritage locations have banded together to showcase these early pioneers. The Locke Foundation, based in the Central Valley, has taken the lead by hosting an interactive map that pinpoints locations, such as China Camp. Text and images showcase the lives, homes, and jobs of early Chinese settlers. The map also includes details on what you can see and do at each location. It’s an easy and fascinating way to get a glimpse of this important part of California’s history.