Spring 2024 News

Happenings in and around China Camp State Park


The McNears: Dreams, schemes, and ambition

Learn how brothers from Maine put their stamp on the land that would become China Camp State Park.

China Camp Champions

Joyce Abrams and Andy Kives

Meet the dynamos who are to the park what attentive parents are to their kids: caretakers, teachers, models of good habits.


Rails: the noisy ghosts of China Camp

Often heard but seldom seen, two species of rails thrive at the park. Learn about these elusive—and rare—wetland birds.

Park Projects

China Camp’s weed buster

When it comes to tackling broom, thistle, and other invasive plants at the park, there’s one volunteer who takes the lead.


Animal matching game

Know what to call a group of otters? How about badgers, or California quail? Test your savvy with our matching game.

Pitching In

Steve Ziman

Scientist, photographer, world traveler—learn more about the rich life of this outstanding China Camp trail ambassador.

Good neighbors

Lura Thorp: childhood at China Camp

Meet Lura Simonds Thorp, who grew up with China Camp as her playground. Now in her 80s, she shares what made it so special.

Photos: Joyce Abrams, Ryan Andrews/Macauley Library, Harriot Manley, Marin IJ Archives, Steve Ziman,