Free guided nature walk of Miwok Meadows goes virtual

WildCare video lets you see, hear, and learn

While the pandemic was no fun, it did have a benefit: a boom in virtual learning tools. Here in Marin County, the Terwilliger Nature Guides program, part of San Rafael’s WildCare, has created a fun virtual walking tour of three Marin locations, including a tour of China Camp’s Miwok Meadows.

The 20-minute, virtual-learning video focuses on things most of us might overlook when we hike or bike around the broad meadow–a black-tailed jackrabbit crouched in the tall grass; a male Western fence lizard doing push-ups as it defends its territory. The approach in the video, designed for young naturalists but filled with tidbits for all ages, is to slow down, be curious, and see what you can find. 

A companion .pdf, billed as a teacher resource guide, goes into deeper detail about the park’s main ecosystems, and what makes each one unique. For example, there’s information about Miwok Meadows’ varied wetland habitats, including freshwater, brackish, and salt marsh tidal wetlands. Details focus on unique plants and animals, and how wetlands help reduce flooding, filter pollution into the bay, and help protect against coastal erosion.

All three virtual hikes are free on YouTube. Watch the video and find out what you can learn, then come out to the park to see the real thing.

Turkeys at China Camp State Park by Harriot Manley

Photo Credit: Harriot Manley

NOTICE: Some sites at the Back Ranch Meadows Campground will be closed Sunday through Thursday from November 14, 2022 until May 13, 2023 due to construction. The group site will remain open during the week. Go to for available reservations.

ADVISORY: December 3, 2023, 8am-2pm. Footrace beginning at Miwok Meadows. Expect increased foot traffic on Shoreline Trail, Oak Ridge Trail, and Bayview trail. Plan your trip to the park accordingly. See calendar for details.