Discover China Camp's ecosystems, animals, and plants

American avocets feed at low tide in tidal wetlands adjacent to Buckeye Point, China Camp State Park, by Harriot Manley

Take a closer look at some of the healthiest salt marshes in the San Francisco Bay Area, plus oak woodlands and grassy meadows.


Providing healthy habitat for threatened and endangered animals, China Camp stands out as essential refuge along the edge of San Francisco Bay.

Baby blue eyes spritzed with spring rain in China Camp State Park by Harriot Manley
Natural History

Take a look at the wide range of flowers that brighten the meadows, woods, and salt marshes almost year-round at China Camp.

China Camp looking west toward the sunset by Harriot Manley
Photo Gallery

For more images of the plants, animals, and ecosystems at China Camp, peruse our gallery.

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SF Bay NERR researchers after doing crab research at China Camp State Park.
Scientists get crabby—and muddy—at China Camp

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photos: harriot manley, Sheila Coll