Summer 2024 News

Happenings in and around China Camp State Park


Your dollars at work

Donations are the lifeblood of China Camp. Take a look at where your dollars are going right now, and what’s in store.

Volunteer Spotlight

Diane Kay

With DNA firmly programmed by her outdoor-loving ancestors, this premier FOCC volunteer is a perfect fit for the park.

Cool Stuff

The Grace Quan: China Camp’s floating visitor

Summer is the time to see the Grace Quan, the hand-built replica of a Chinese shrimp-fishing junk, now moored at the park.


Point Blue: studying the crown jewel

Find out why Point Blue, an international research organization, targets the tidal wetlands at China Camp.

Staff news

New and old faces come onboard

Introducing Breana Thomas, our part-time project manager, and our new park aide, Colin Jaco. And welcome back to Sheila Coll.


Developing Point San Pedro: wartime and beyond

A naval site? A psych ward? Find out about these and more in Part Two of our look back at big plans for Point San...


Campground coolers

Care for a sip? These refreshing (nonalcoholic) coolers are easy and delicious—perfect for a summer afternoon or evening.


“Who me?” said the raccoon

Wait…who ate my breakfast? If you’ve ever said that at our campsite, the answer might be a cute—and cunning—raccoon.

Photos (top to bottom): JOYCE ABRAMS/FOCC (FOCC SIGN PROJECT), FOCC archives (grace Quan), rick lewis (ridgway’s rails), courtesy julian wood (julian wood), max hughes/flickr creative commons (coolers), marin ij archives (letter), rickynj/flickr creative commons (raccoon). All others by harriot manley/focc VOLUNTEER