Online Migratory Birding Seminar

Learn how to identify birds at China Camp with our free online course Lesser scaup, ruddy duck, bufflehead… Bird species or... Shakespearian insults? These peculiar names actually belong to several migratory waterfowl species that one can currently find wintering  at China Camp. Want to learn how to view them and... Read more »

Online Indigenous History of the Bay Area

Join naturalist Jerry Coe as he discusses the pre-colonial settlements of indigenous peoples in the San Francisco Bay Area. Jerry will cover the history of the Miwok and Ohlone people, how they survived within the landscape, and common cultural practices. He’ll also share how the thousands of Coastal Miwok who... Read more »

Online Beginning Birding Seminar

LEARN HOW TO IDENTIFY BIRDS AT CHINA CAMP WITH OUR FREE ONLINE COURSE Winter is here and the bay area is abounding with migratory Cedar Waxwings, Golden Crowned and White Crowned Sparrows as well as Pine Siskins and other boreal finches. Pine Siskens are especially abundant in the bay area... Read more »

Naturalist Book Club

The Dreampt Land by Mark Arax Join us as we discuss Mark Arax’s book, Dreamt Land in this interactive book club. Arax chronicles the complex history of the mismanagement of California’s most valued natural resource: water. Friends of China Camp naturalist Harold Hirsch will lead our online group discussion via... Read more »

Darwin Day Online

Darwin’s Progress Join us on February 13th as we celebrate worldwide Darwin Day,  in commemoration of Charles Darwin’s birthday (which is on February 12th). Join us for a presentation on the theory of evolution, and how it has advanced since Charles Darwin first published his momentous book, On the Origin... Read more »

Online Indigenous History of the Bay Area

Did you know that the indigenous Coast Miwok and Ohlone peoples have been master gardeners for thousands of years? Early Europeans described them as hunter-gatherers, but in reality there is much greater depth and complexity to their relationship to the land as they “tended the wild." Join naturalist Jerry Coe... Read more »

Online Beginning Birding Seminar

Which thrush is which? Join our birding class and gain the skills to find out! As the first flowers appear in February, local thrush species begin to migrate to their breeding grounds. In the Bay Area, the hermit and the Swainson’s thrush will effectively “switch” places; just as the hermit... Read more »

Naturalist Book Club

Vesper Flights by Helen Macdonald Join us as we discuss Helen Macdonald’s book, Vesper Flights, for this month’s interactive online book club. Macdonald, author of the award winning book H is for Hawk, offers a compilation of essays chronicling her astute observations about the natural world. Friends of China Camp... Read more »

Online: Spring Birding Seminar

One of the great treasures in our park is the daily chorus of birdsong that echoes throughout the oak woodland forest. Among the avian symphony, there is a family of birds that play the part of the percussionists; joining the ensemble not just with their voice, but with the rhythmic... Read more »

Summer Birding Hike

During this relaxing morning stroll, you will learn how to identify birds by their shape, flight patterns, calls, and habitat. We will also discuss how to effectively use essential tools like binoculars and bird identification guides.  Feeling rusty on your birding skills? Not a problem, this class is perfect for... Read more »

Coast Miwok History Walk

 Join us as we walk through Back Ranch Meadows and discuss the deep relationship that Coast Miwok people have had with the plants and animals at China Camp.  When Spaniards arrived to colonize the bay area in the 1700’s, they described Miwok peoples as hunter-gatherers. They did not see fences... Read more »

Father’s Day Hike

Bring dad along for this fun father's day hike with naturalist Harold Hirsch. What better way to celebrate dad than to share the open sky and bay breezes. Learn about the flora and fauna of the oak woodland habitat on this easy, 3 mile loop which will feature beautiful bay... Read more »