Beginning Birding Hike

  Our premier avian acrobats are coming to town in February, and we are so excited to welcome them back from their tropical wintering grounds in Central America. Tree swallows offer a colorful aerial show with their iridescent azure backs glimmering in the sky as they dive and swoop, catching... Read more »

Children’s Darwin Day Junior Ranger Program

  Who doesn’t love a great birthday celebration? Junior Rangers are invited to join us for Darwin Day, a celebration of the birthday of Charles Darwin, born February 12, 1809.    Who was Charles Darwin you ask? Just under 200 years ago Mr. Darwin tried to answer one of the... Read more »

Darwin Day Online

Celebrate the legacy of the theory of evolution Join us on February 12 to celebrate International Darwin Day, the anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birthday, which took place on this date in 1809. We will host an hour-long virtual presentation about Charles Darwin and his major contributions to the natural sciences.... Read more »


There will be a footrace beginning at Miwok Meadows on Sunday, February 26 from 8am-2pm. Please expect increased foot traffic on Shoreline Trail, Bayview Trail, and Oak Ridge Trail during that time. Go to the Sasquatch Trail Racing website for more details.

Naturalist Book Club

Join us for this month’s naturalist book club as we discuss David Baron’s book, The Beast in the Garden. While highlighting real events that occurred in Boulder, Colorado, Baron weaves a much larger narrative of coexistence, conflict, and fatal outcomes between mountain lions and humans throughout America’s complicated history in... Read more »

Full Moon Hike

Ever feel like it's time to change up your weekly evening routine for something a bit more… spectacular? Take a night off from Netflix and exchange your couch for our verdant hills and wide open sky during March’s full moon hike. On this 3-and-a-half mile round-trip hike we will ascend... Read more »

ADVISORY: Recent storms have caused hazardous trail conditions in certain areas in the park.  Proceed with caution if visiting the park.

NOTICE: Some sites at the Back Ranch Meadows Campground will be closed Sunday through Thursday from November 14, 2022 until May 13, 2023 due to construction. The group site will remain open during the week and weekends. Go to for available reservations.