"Chinese village lost in time" gets the spotlight on SFGate

Summer 2021

From its treasure-box beaches and weathered village, to its sweeping wetlands and sun-burnished hilltops, China Camp is definitely worth celebrating. So it’s fitting that one of SFGate’s editors, Andrew Chamings, focused on our park–and its history–in a recent article.

“When I heard that you could camp on the bay waters 20 miles north of San Francisco on the site of a historic 1880s Chinese shrimping cove, I didn’t expect the original village to still be standing,” begins Chamings in his richly detailed piece.

“But there it somehow sits, in a hidden beach under the low Marin hills, little sun-bleached huts on the sand and a rickety pier stretching out over the brackish marsh, almost ghostly through the mist, as if lost to time.”

Tempting readers to come and see a historic gem, Chamings also captures the many facets of China Camp. Discover and explore this diverse park for yourself, either as a first-time visitor, or as a seasoned local. China Camp sheds light on an oft-forgotten chapter of Bay Area history–a window, as Chamings says, on a period almost “lost in time.”

Photo Credit: harriot manley