China Camp Beach

Summer 2023 News

Latest happenings in and around China Camp State Park

Family fun in the water near the China Camp pier.
Outdoor Fun

Water-safety smarts

Our in-house expert shares tips on staying safe in and on the water at China Camp. Follow his advice and stay safe.

Park Projects

Lessons from the trail boss

Master trail-builder Ed Westbrook shares key takeaways from building trails at our park.

Bubble portrait of Yee See Quan, circa 1895-1900.

Quan family ties

A self-taught genealogist and Quan descendent sheds light on her family’s legacy in our region.

Orange strands of parasitic saltmarsh dodder twist and wind their way across pickleweed plants.

Spaghetti season in the marsh

In summer, look for the weird, netlike mats of bright orange, parasitic saltmarsh dodder clambering over the pickleweed.

Cool Stuff

5 free nature apps

These free apps turn your smart phone into an instant eco-detective. Download them and take learning to a new level.

hers canoe along Las Gallinas Creek.

SF Bay’s living lab

Estuarine expert Dr. Matt Ferner explains why scientists flock to China Camp, and what they discover here.

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