Rainy day along the Turtle Back Trail

Winter 2022 News

Latest happenings in and around China Camp State Park

Kids at Turtle Back Trail by Sheila Coll
climate change

Answering critical questions about sea-level rise

Discover how researchers are using king tides and simulated floods to better understand the impacts of rising sea levels.

Volunteer crew at China Camp by Kevin Smead
China Camp Champion

Improving biodiversity and curbing fire fuels

Learn about major efforts by state and local agencies to improve habitat and create defensible spaces along San Pedro Ridge.


Learn how to wildlife-whisper

Get volunteer Kevin Smead's five simple tips on how to find cool critters on your next visit.

Quan family portrait, 1943
China Camp State Park

The Quan Family: China Camp’s dynasty

They endured racism, worked through hard times, and thrived. Learn more about China Camp’s last resident shrimping family.

FOCC Camp Host Fran Stahl
China Camp State Park

FOCC Volunteer Spotlight Fran Stahl

Find out all the special ways that our camp host Fran Stahl keeps everyone happy at our campground.

Bay Nature

High five for Bay Nature’s “Naturalist’s Notebook”

See how artist and educator John Muir Laws helps us understand more about the natural world around us.

FOCC park manager Chris Young
China Camp State Park

New park manager takes over daily operations

Learn more about Chris Young, Friends of China Camp's new park manager, and what he brings to the job.

Photo credits (top to bottom): Harriot Manley, Steve Ziman; Kevin Smead; COURTESY OF FRANK QUAN COLLECTION; Fran Stahl; Courtesy of John Muir Laws/Bay Nature; Sheila Coll