The threatened closure of China Camp State Park in 2012 by the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), significantly broadened the focus and mission of Friends of China Camp, from not just supporting DPR in educational and interpretive activities at the park, but also saving the park from closure.

Our Mission:

Friends of China Camp is committed to keeping China Camp State Park open and thriving for our community.

To fulfill our mission, FOCC:

Is reaching out to the community for support

  • We have increased membership from fewer than 50 to more than 800 since the park was threatened with closure.
  • We are partnering with community, cultural, educational, and environmental groups.
  • We have received and are seeking financial and non-financial support from various foundations, non-profit organizations, individuals and businesses.

Has developed a sustainable funding plan to support the park

  • Park operations require $500,000 or more annually.
  • Our plan relies on revenues from park use fees and fundraising to operate the park.

Is working closely with California State Parks to improve the efficiency of park operations

  • Together with California State Parks, we are examining ways to reduce the costs of park operations while keeping the park open and thriving 365 days a year.

Is developing park programs and projects for the community

  • Our programs and projects will focus on the historical, cultural and natural aspects of the park.
  • They will include educational, environmental, and recreational programs and projects.
  • We will place a strong emphasis on at-risk children and senior citizens.

Friends of China Camp can only save China Camp State Park with the help and support of the community.


The following public documents detail the work of Friends of China Camp in operating China Camp State Park.

Operations Report September 30, 2013

Operating Plan December 18, 2013

Public Meeting Presentation January 21,2014

Operating Plan October 25, 2014

Operations Report October 25, 2014

Safety Regulations October 25, 2014

Profit-Loss FY2013-14

Profit-Loss FY2014-15

Operations Report 2014-15

Operating Plan FY2015-16

Operations Report FY2015-16

Statement of Cash Flows Q4 2015

2015 Q4Statement of Functional Expenses

2015 Q4 footnotes

Q1 2015 Stmt. of Financial Income and Expense prep 7 15

Statement of Financial Position Q4 2015

2015 Q4 Letter to Board with Financials





Operations Plan 2016-2017

Operations Report FY2015-2016

Operations Report 2016-2017

Operations Plan 2017-2018

Operations Report 2017-2018

Operations Plan 2018-2019

Operations Report 2018-2019

Operations Plan 2019-2020

Operations Report 2H2019

Operations Plan 2020-2021

IRS form 990 2020

CA form 199 2020