Winter 2024 News

Happenings in and around China Camp State Park


Burning news

Working with other agencies and neighborhoods, Friends of China Camp is helping reduce fire fuels and improve habitat.


Volunteer Spotlight: Judith Hanks

Talk trashy this winter’s super-volunteer—she doesn’t mind. Find out why, and all Judith Hanks does for the park.

Park Projects

Grill power

A program in a Sonoma County hamlet helps teach new skills—and saves dollars for Friends of China Camp. Find out more.

China Camp Champion

Donor Spotlight: Arlin Weinberger

A remarkable backstory leads to a remarkable life. Meet Arlin Weinberger, a generous and dedicated supporter of the park.


First flowers

The year’s wildflowers are starting to spread their petals all over the park. Here’s a quick roundup of these early bloomers.


Tiny shrimp, big challenges

An info-packed excerpt sheds light on the challenges faced by the original shrimp fishermen at China Camp and beyond.

News & Events

José, we will miss you

A park staple for decades, José Gonzalez says goodbye to his time at China Camp. The longtime employee will be sorely missed.

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