Makeover for Friends of China Camp website

Summer 2021

After months of hard work and a whole lot of creative juices, a small band of FOCC volunteers and staff have completed a total overhaul of the Friends of China Camp website. In late Summer 2020,  the team, consisting of Board Member Andy Kives, volunteers J. Grant Gray, and Harriot Manley, plus Friends of China Camp Program Director Sheila Coll and Park Manager Ian Nelson, began updating the existing site. 

“The old site served us well,” says Kives, who had been the one-man-show behind the work that was done back in 2015. “But we needed a new design and layout, something that could better communicate all the things we do. And with this amazing team, we actually had the interest and horsepower to get it done.”

Working with the Mangrove Web Development, which redesigned FOCC’s original website, the team dug in. Soon, aided by COVID-style Zoom meetings and a flurry of files on shared drives, the team created a beautiful and functional site. Today, look for easy-to-find information and helpful tips. The new site also makes it easier to sign up to volunteer, and to get annual passes and make donations.

We hope you like the results.