All Day

Trail Closures In Effect

From February 11 to 13, portions of Shoreline Trail will be closed for restoration. The Friends of China Camp volunteer trail team will be restoring the handicap-accessible portion of Shoreline Trail, to ensure equitable access for people with mobility disabilities. Please stay off closed areas, trespassing could risk disturbing the... Read more »


There will be a footrace beginning at Miwok Meadows on February 13th from 8am-2pm. Please expect increased foot traffic on Shoreline Trail, Bayview Trail, and Oak Ridge Trail during that time. Go to the Sasquatch Racing website for more details.

Darwin Day Celebration

New ideas & research Naturalist Harold Hirsch will lead a program celebrating international Darwin Day by discussing the evolution of—well—the theory of evolution! We will cover Charles Darwin’s contribution to science and also explore the ideas of the late E.O. Wilson and Richard Leakey, two scientists who greatly influenced modern... Read more »


  • The Village Museum is closed until further notice due to ongoing construction.