Spring 2023 News

Latest happenings in and around China Camp State Park

Special projects

Upgraded signage project

What do sunbleached letters and confusing directions have in common? Read about our signage project and find out.


Baby boom

Spring means wildlife babies at China Camp. Meet the next generation of kits, kittens, pups, and fawns.

Jeff Craemer
China Camp Champion

Jeff Craemer

From tools to trucks to buildings, Friends of China Camp’s biggest donor has always been ready to support the park he loves.


ADA projects

A big revamp is underway in the park, all aimed at improving facilities for visitors with mobility challenges.


Trail ambassadors

Big thanks to the “eyes and ears” of the park who help wayward hikers, report downed trees, and assist in emergencies.

climate change

Floods a boon to researchers

The good side to all those mega-storms and floods? More data for experts studying the impacts of sea-level rise.


Hooked on fishing

Have you ever cast a line from the shores of China Camp? It’s a favorite pastime for many anglers. Get smart tips here.


Darwin Days

Test your knowledge about the father of evolution and natural selection, whose 214th birthday got a party at China Camp.

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