THE REGISTRATION FOR THESE EVENTS IS FULL.  Join scientist and educator Bella Mayorga from San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve for a walk near the edge of China Camp’s tidal salt marsh during a “king tide,” the name for one of the highest tides of the year. We will... Read more »

Winter Birding Hike

White-faced ibis by Michael Brown/Macaulay Library December is a great time to spot winter migrants, particularly waterfowl. One species of interest at China Camp is the white-faced ibis. These crow-sized birds use their long curving bills to seek out crunchy invertebrates among China Camp’s vast wetlands. The adult ibis has... Read more »

CANCELLED: Winter Naturalist Hike

Photo Credit: Steve Ziman This event has been canceled due to predicted stormy weather.   When you think of winter, you might imagine the snowy Sierra, when most animal and plant life enters a time of dormancy.  Not so in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here, winter is a time... Read more »

Full Moon Hike

December “Cold Moon” Bring your coat and mittens and join us for a special trek to view December’s “Cold Moon” as it rises into the night sky. December’s moon has a high trajectory across the sky, affording skygazers with a good view above the horizon line to have a longer... Read more »

New Year’s Day Sunrise Hike

Sunrise by Sheila Coll Want to celebrate the new year in a profound way? Then come with us to ring in 2022 under the open sky as we watch the sunrise over San Pablo Bay.  Join naturalist Harold Hirsch for this 4-mile sunrise hike to a vista point to welcome... Read more »

French Broom Removal Volunteer Event

Mother Nature has been kind to us over the last few weeks and has soaked our clay soil. That may not be exciting news, but it does mean that we can more easily pull up the Scotch Broom and French Broom that pepper our hillsides. Not only is broom a... Read more »

Junior Ranger Program

Geology: Rocks, Sand, and Mud What’s older than memory, as mighty as a mountain, but can fit in the palm of your hand? You guessed it…rocks! We might not notice them as much as we do China Camp’s wildlife and plants, but rocks–from big boulders to tiny grains of sand–make... Read more »

Winter Naturalist Hike

Winter: A time for renewal When you think of winter, you might imagine the snowy Sierra, when most animal and plant life enters a time of dormancy.  Not so in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here, winter is a time of awakening and renewal after the long and dry summer... Read more »

Full Moon Hike

Moonrise over Rat Rock by Steve Ziman Doesn’t the full moon just make you want to… howl? This month, it might be the best time to do just that, as we head out to get the first glimpse of 2022’s “Wolf Moon.” The story goes that this month’s full moon... Read more »

Winter Birding Hike

Winter is a great time to spot both California brown pelicans and striking white pelicans along China Camp’s shoreline. What are the key differences between these two entertaining waterbirds? Aside from the color, the white pelican is much larger, boasting a nine-foot wingspan that makes the bird one of the... Read more »


There will be a footrace beginning at Miwok Meadows on January 29th from 8am-2pm. Please expect increased foot traffic on Shoreline Trail, Bayview Trail, Back Ranch Fire Trail, and Oak Ridge Trail during that time. Go to the Urban Coyote Racing website for more details.

Online: Naturalist Book Club

THE WINDS OF CHANGE BY EUGENE LINDEN Join this online event for what promises to be a lively conversation about this well-researched and fascinating discussion of nature, history, and civilizations. Join this month’s online naturalist book club as we discuss The Winds of Change. Author and journalist Eugene Linden delves into... Read more »