Full Moon Hike

July 13, 2022 Photo: Stephen Schupp Get ready to feast your eyes on the biggest and brightest supermoon of 2022. July’s “buck” moon orbits closer to the earth than at any other time of the year, offering sky gazers an especially luminous treat. This moon is named after the mid-summer... Read more »

Summer Birding Hike

  Mourning dove by Nancy Christensen/Macaulay Library From backyards to woodlands to across the continent, chances are that you'll hear the soothing coo cooing of mourning doves. These year-round residents at China Camp can be identified by their gray-brownish backs and creamy light ochre to pinkish chest with highlights of... Read more »

CANCELLED: Village Talk-Bay Area Fire Ecology 

  This event has been cancelled and will be postponed to September 25. Stay tuned for updates.   Credit: fire.ca.gov Why are wildfires getting larger and more intense? How does a wildly destructive force like fire fit into biodiversity management? What is the difference between a crown fire and a... Read more »

Naturalist Book Club

Join us to discuss Richard Preston’s novel, The Wild Trees: A Story of Passion and Daring. Read this fascinating fictional tale about the northwest’s beloved coast redwood through the eyes of a team of botanists, then join our lively discussion. Excerpt from Powells.com:  “Hidden away in foggy, uncharted rainforest valleys... Read more »

Village Talk: Archeology of Indigenous Refuge and Recourse 

  From the late 1700s to the late 1800s, the Spanish missions and other colonial projects established in central California compromised Indigenous cultures and identities, dispossessed Indigenous peoples of their traditional lands, destroyed natural resources, and hastened the population decline of Native societies.  Join Dr.Tsim D. Schneider, as he discusses... Read more »

Heritage Day Festival

Prepare to be dazzled during this year’s Heritage Day festival, on August 27 at the historic China Camp Village. See the vibrantly-colored costumes of rhythmic lion dancers, and listen to the harmonious strumming of the guzheng. You can also try your hand at mahjong, learn a new tai chi technique,... Read more »

Coastal Cleanup Day

Coastal Cleanup Day is here! And our shoreline would not sparkle and shine without the help of community members like you. The California Coastal Commission will be sponsoring a statewide cleanup throughout the month of September, and China Camp will be offering a volunteer workday to pick up trash along... Read more »

Full Moon Hike

Fall brings a unique beauty to the park that is worth celebrating: golden hills, migrating birds, and a bright harvest moon. On this moderate, 4.5-mile round-trip hike, we will travel to one of the best vistapoints in the park to view the moon rise over the sparkling bay. Harvest Moons ... Read more »

Junior Ranger Program

What is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but can grow to be the tallest organism in the world? You guessed it, a tree! For this month’s program, Junior rangers will explore the biological features of bayside trees- their bark, leaves, and seeds.    This program... Read more »


There will be a footrace beginning at Miwok Meadows on Sunday, September 25 from 8am-2pm. Please expect increased foot traffic on Shoreline Trail, Bayview Trail, and Oak Ridge Trail during that time. Go to the Sasquatch Racing website for more details.

Naturalist Book Club

Join us for this month’s book club as we discuss Keith Heyer Meldahl’s book, Rough-Hewn Land: A Geologic Journey from California to the Rocky Mountains.   Excerpt from ucpress.edu:  “”Unfold a map of North America,” Keith Heyer Meldahl writes, “and the first thing to grab your eye is the bold... Read more »

CANCELED:Village Talk- Bay Area Fire Ecology

THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CANCELED. STAY TUNED FOR MORE UPCOMING EVENTS. Credit: fire.ca.gov Why are wildfires getting larger and more intense? How does fire fit into biodiversity management? What is the difference between a crown fire and a cool fire? Join wildfire mitigation specialist Brendan Clifford as he leads a... Read more »


  • The Village Museum is closed until further notice due to ongoing construction.